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How an online consultation works 

1. Register online with The Nutrition Group by entering your name, address, phone number and email address.

2. Pay the low $49.99 USD consultation fee by entering your credit card number or PayPal account information.

You will be given immediate access to your own private "members only area" with the user name and password of your choice.  

3. In your private "members only area", you will complete a form online with information on your medical, weight, and nutrition histories as well as your eating habits, food cravings, and supplements you take. You will be required to keep a food diary in order to give information about the food and drink you typically consume. Remember that all data is secure, private, and kept confidential.  

You may fill out the form when it is convenient for you.  You may save the form each time you log on. When you are ready to submit the form you can do so by clicking SUBMIT.  

4. One of our registered dietitians will reply to you by email and give you  personalized and detailed recommendations, customized to your medical condition(s), weight, age, lifestyle, and other needs. The dietitian will tell you what you are doing right and how you can make improvements. Our meal and snack ideas will help you make lasting positive nutritional changes. For example, we may suggest you eat certain foods to increase your iron level or to decrease your sodium, fat or calorie intake. We will also help you set reasonable goals and provide you with personalized support every step of the way. After following our reasonable recommendations, you will be able to manage your health condition, lose weight, increase your energy levels, and/or enhance your athletic performance. 

5. You will have the option to purchase follow up consultations to ensure continued support in attaining your nutrition goals.


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