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The Nutrition Group: Individual Nutrition Counseling

The Nutrition Group consultants are dedicated to helping people achieve better health and fitness through nutrition. Our primary goal is to help each client achieve a healthier body, attitude, and lifestyle. We give clients personalized diet, nutrition, and fitness plans that answer their own unique needs. No matter what your age-we serve children through seniors-and no matter what your lifestyle, we will help you make positive changes to your life. We provide a variety of treatment solutions suited to specific conditions and concerns.

The Nutrition Group will help you manage or improve:

  • High cholesterol 

  • High blood pressure

  • Underweight

  • Overweight 

  • Diabetes

  • Vegetarian diet needs

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • Menopause, and osteoporosis

  • Reflux disease, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other Gastrointestinal issues

  • Overall nutrition for good health

  • Any other nutritional concerns


What you can expect from The Nutrition Group

1. One of our Registered Dietitians will perform an assessment that considers your:

  • Lifestyle

  • Medical history 

  • Medications

  • Weight

  • Eating habits

  • Diet

  • Medical conditions

  • And more


During the assessment, your dietitian will treat you with both professionalism and care. Together as a team you and your dietitian will determine the best methods for attaining goals appropriate for you. This comprehensive assessment will include an evaluation of your current dietary regimen. Your dietitian will tell you what you are doing right and make suggestions for improvements. For example, if your current diet is high in fat, your dietitian would suggest foods with less fat which still taste good. She would also give effective advice on meal planning, behavior modification and treatment in conjunction with referring healthcare providers.

2. A dietitian will see you for follow-up counseling sessions in order to evaluate how you are implementing positive changes and making progress toward your goals. Our registered dietitians are eager to help you achieve increased health and happiness. During these sessions The Nutrition Group professional will advise you how to make informed choices regarding:

  • Grocery shopping 

  • Reading ingredient and nutrition labels

  • Eating at restaurants 

  • Eating the correct serving sizes

  • Snacking well 

  • Preparing nutritious but tasty meals 

It takes several visits in order to maintain healthy lifestyle changes. That is the reason we offer packages that include several follow-up consulting sessions. These packages are cost-effective, since they are less expensive than individual visits. (And the greater the number of visits, the lower the cost per visit.) We will support, motivate, and guide you every step of the way to achieving and maintaining a healthy, fit-and happy--lifestyle.


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