Facility Management Services

Your facility depends on The Nutrition Group to provide results-oriented custodial and maintenance management solutions. Having a safe, cheerful, well-maintained building allows for a more welcoming environment.

Within the walls of your organization

Run by our Facilities Management Systems (FMS) division, our Facility Management Services take into consideration your unique needs and the cost-effective solutions that meet those needs. A few of our primary services are:

  • Cleaning: Our comprehensive custodial training programs allow for efficient use of equipment to increase productivity.
  • Exterior Maintenance: We ensure a safe, well-maintained environment through landscaping, snow removal and general building maintenance.
  • Sports Facility Maintenance: Proper field and structure maintenance ensures quality conditions for athletic and community events.
  • Management and Staff: We provide training and staff analysis, innovative procedures training, products and equipment productivity reviews, and goal setting.
  • Strategic Planning: We’ll work with you to develop short- and long-term plans that effectively manage operational costs without sacrificing quality, safety or OSHA standards.
  • Innovative Software: Work order and preventative maintenance software can be introduced or refined to maximize task scheduling and building efficiencies.

As far as staffing, we can provide a resident manager who supervises your existing staff, a management and staff that is run exclusively through FMS, or simply work as a consultant to help you maximize the quality of your facility.

Much like with everything we do, our services can be customized to meet your unique needs. With over 40 years of experience, our solutions will help to enhance your facility and allow you to focus on your other responsibilities.

Contact Us

To learn more about our Facility Management Services, call our corporate office at 724-978-2100 or contact us online anytime!