Debunking Myths

Let’s clarify a few things

Are you feeling a bit hesitant to hire a food management company? Allow us to debunk common management myths so that you can feel 110% confident in hiring The Nutrition Group for your food service and management needs.

Myth 1: People will lose jobs.

Truth: The Nutrition Group realizes that one of our best resources for success is the years of experience that current employees have. We will work with you to assess employees and make staffing recommendations when necessary.

Myth 2: It is more costly.

Truth: Working with a food management company will most likely save you money. Our corporate buying power gives us a one up and allows you to still offer fresh foods and quality, brand name products. We also offer payroll solutions and program efficiencies to offset costs and help you resolve any challenges.

Myth 3: It is a one-size-fits-all approach.

Truth: Everything we do is completely customized. We develop unique menus based on your feedback and end-user input so that there is total customer satisfaction and increased participation.

Myth 4: The company will try to control your money.

Truth: The government regulates the management company’s profits. Therefore, we will not control your money. We offer flat fees upfront, with no hidden costs, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Myth 5: You will lose control.

Truth: By identifying strengths and weaknesses of your existing program, we partner with you to establish and achieve your food service goals. We do not want to control your kitchen, but rather make recommendations based on our expertise so that your program is as successful as possible.