What Sets Us Apart

A few key ingredients make us different

The Nutrition Group’s business philosophy is rooted in gratitude for our employees and sincere appreciation for our clients. Our topnotch capabilities are carried out by dedicated employees who put you at the center of everything we do.

Passionate People

The Nutrition Group is made up of people who truly care about your success. Our passion for our business and the customers we serve is second to none, and we pride ourselves on treating you as a member of The Nutrition Group family. Upper management is active owners in the company, which means they are involved in daily operations and have vested interest in the success of our services and partnerships. They strive to motivate employees through policy and example, energizing the company culture to one that you can trust and depend on.

Customer Service

Know that when you partner with The Nutrition Group, not only will you get a dedicated resident manager, but also a dedicated team of professionals who stand behind that individual. Our clients will tell you that the caliber of people in our organization, and the family atmosphere that we foster, is second to none. We believe that our open, honest and down-to-earth communication builds strong relationships between our team and yours.

Regional Assistance

We believe local concerns can be addressed more effectively with local personnel, which is why our regional managers are a key part of our focus on customer service. Currently located throughout the states we serve – PA, OH, MI, NJ and FL– these managers provide immediate and consistent results. They are community-based, localized and focused on a smaller concentration of clients. As a nearby support team, they can effectively understand and solve challenges you may have.

Fiscal Responsibility

We provide unmatched value to our clients through the proper procedures and controls, methods of operation, development and training. Our corporate buying power also allows us to get the best prices for products that will fill your kitchen. Most importantly, we are extremely conscious of your budget, working closely with you to determine the best approach for your organization.

A Focus on Wellness

The Nutrition Group, with guidance from our dietitians, provides quality name brand products through reputable, long-term vendors who share our impeccable product standards. We pride ourselves in strictly adhering to all federal, state, district and ethical guidelines and regulations, as well as industry standards, such as HACCP, Right to Know and OSHA. We are also committed to preserving our environment by employing green practices.

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