Student Grant Program | Form Submission


TNG Charities is offering grant opportunities to students employed as workers for The Nutrition Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries. We are seeking applicants who have worked for a minimum of nine months of time for The Nutrition Group. It intends to provide a grant for the first year of *post-high school education* to each student who applies; however, depending on the number of applicants and finances available, we may have to limit the number of Scholarships provided. Financial needs may also be part of the award criteria. To be considered, please complete the following information:

Submissions will be accepted until March 2023, and the recipients will be awarded and notified in May 2023.


*Post-High School education includes, but is not limited, to trade schools, culinary schools, certificate programs provide by a college, university or post-high school education facility, 2-year or 4-year degree programs at any college or university.