TNG Committee Selection Form

Innovation Committee

Susan Veitch, Vice President

To facilitate ongoing innovation to disrupt the traditional model and the routines that we are currently following in school foodservice.

To develop initiatives to promote sustainable practices in each of the TNG accounts, explore future food trends and investigate technology driven trends.

Chef/Purchasing Committee

Kevin Rindock, Vice President

To collaborate and create all tools necessary to ensure fresh, nutritious, innovative foods and programs are standard in every TNG account.

To work with TNG Purchasing Department and corporate Dietitian on selecting and obtaining the best quality product at an affordable price.

Summer Seminar ’23 Committee

Patty Baresse, Vice President

To plan and coordinate a leadership seminar that encourages continued growth and development of the TNG management team.

To develop initiatives to promote sustainable practices in each of the TNG accounts, explore future food trends and investigate technology driven trends.

Paperwork Committee

Mary Filler, Vice President

Members for this committee must include IT.
To continue to evaluate and revise the functions of TNG paperwork to create efficiencies for FSDs & RMs in reporting, assessing and decision-making to improve the food service operation..

Continue troubleshooting monthly and analyze annually TNG paperwork software and procedures to ensure ease of use and effectiveness of program evaluation while utilizing the most current tools for both.

Training Committee

Joe Geisweidt, Vice President

To support all The Nutrition Group employees through continued education and learning with the implementation of cutting-edge lesson plans online modules.

The Training Committee will continue to act as a cohesive group that focused on teamwork, idea sharing, innovation and the implementation of The Nutrition Group’s training programs. The Training Committee will make necessary updates to existing training programs AND create new trainings that benefit hourly, management and upper management personnel.

Marketing Committee

Nancy Kohl, President

To support the marketing department in developing programs that align with TNG brand and drive sales.

The Marketing Committee will continue work with the marketing department to evaluate effectiveness of current programs, refresh programs and needed and create annual new programs.

Workforce Committee

Ian O’Brien, Director of HR & Corporate Attorney

To create and maintain a company culture of inclusive, family, people-oriented professionals.

This committee will find creative, innovative ways to recruit staff for our cafeteria and management positions, partnering with districts to work with special needs students. Additionally, the committee will establish ways to maneuver the current state of understaffed locations by utilizing automated systems and finding creative ways to work with less.

2022-2033 Committee Chair Directives

Interested team members will indicate their interest on the committee election form. Each committee will select the chairperson should more than one person express interest

Schedule the meetings for the entire school year. Add Jessica , Nancy and the VP’s to the invites.
Run the meetings and ensure progress is being made by the committee.
Utilize the corporate contact for any assistance that you may need.
Take or designate the duty of note taking for each meeting.
Utilize the teams platform for organization of the meetings, associated documents and communication with team members.
Schedule and provide an update to the leadership team by November 1st to include the goals of the committee.
Schedule and provide a second update to the leadership team in the month of February.

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